Wednesday, January 2, 2008

T-REX 450 compatible parts

The following Align T-Rex 450 are compatible with your Dragonus II:
  • Aluminum case for easy and safe transport
  • ball link ends
  • ball links
  • Main Blades (or any 325mm)
  • Flybar (T-Rex is 220mm long while Dragonus's is 200mm long but flies perfect).
  • Flybar paddles
  • Spindle shaft
  • Tail blades
  • Tail blade holders
  • Align DS410M digital Servos
  • Main Gear
  • One-Way bearing
Here's an example how T-Rex blade holders can be used and perform perfectly on a Dragonus tail.


Anonymous said...

Main gear and Align bearing also fit.

Rodrigo Castro said...

I've heard that but never tried it. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Trex 450 DFC main shaft will work if you drill the hole for the tail belt pulley.

Colin Macdonald said...

The entire Trex 450 pro head also fits

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